Entrellis helps nonprofits and social enterprises increase their impact.

Your organization’s got real strengths. Maybe you’re good at coming up with new ideas. Maybe you have a strong track record of execution. Or maybe you’re really attuned to the needs of your clients and stakeholders.

But how well do you put it all together?
Most groups have places where they typically get stuck.

Teams with great ideas aren’t always the best at focusing on the top priorities. Good executors may not do as much creative, big-picture thinking. And strategists don’t always have a solid plan to implement and track results.

We can help.
Our tools come from the business world and are adapted to the unique needs of social impact and nonprofit organizations.

Our user-centered innovation process starts with your clients, and builds on your strengths. 

You’ll get:

  • A creative, client-focused structure tailored to your needs and your culture.
  • A process that you can use in different areas of your organization to increase your impact.
  • Better targeted, more consistent value for your clients.

Whether you're doing strategic planning, new program design, or monitoring and evaluation of your impact, we can help you get more value for your time and effort--and for your clients.

Entrellis helped us streamline our approach for the Teen Entrepreneur Challenge pilot to successfully expand sponsor preview opportunities and teen participation at a lower cost–and a lot less work.
— Stephanie Brady, LaunchUR CEO