As a not-for-profit or government organization leader, you’re busy. There are programs to be run, people to be reached, money to be raised. But it can feel as if you’re running in place, doing the same things over and over, and wondering if there’s a better way to create meaningful change.

Taking a pause to reflect on your impact is hard. Changing how you do things is even harder. But…what if you could have more impact and it wasn’t about putting in more and more effort?

Entrellis has adapted tools from the business world such as human-centered design (aka design thinking), lean startup, and execution and tracking strategies. We’ve integrated them into an approach specifically designed for social impact leaders.

We guide your team through deep insights from your community of stakeholders. We get strategic with you to set goals that are both inspiring and measurable. And we walk with you through a creative, well-structured framework to turn ideas into action.

Using these tools, you’ll be able to clarify your core commitment and know when to say “No.” Your team will learn by doing, track what works, and work together to prioritize high-leverage programs and stay focused on what matters most.

How It Works

Most of us are creatures of habit. We come to work and do what we’re used to doing. Our approach helps you build a critical skillset for today’s change-oriented world. By consistently asking, “What can we learn from this?” you’ll start to think more creatively and get comfortable trying things, learning and trying again. These three cross-cutting principles will drive a powerful shift in your organization so you can spend more time on what really matters to you and your clients.

Entrellis helped us streamline our approach for the Teen Entrepreneur Challenge pilot to successfully expand sponsor preview opportunities and teen participation at a lower cost–and a lot less work.
— Stephanie Brady, LaunchUR CEO

"Our small team faced so many competing demands that we were getting really bogged down. Alison stepped in with keen strategic insight to help us get clear about our priorities. She helped us execute a big grant proposal on schedule against all odds. Her ongoing coaching on when to say NO is a great practice for keeping us focused."

— David Adamson, CEO of Goose Creek Community Land Trust


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